Blue glass bowl LAGUNA CORAL KARO

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Original blue glass bowl CORAL KARO. More

The blue glass bowl CORAL KARO is a suitable home accessory. Ideal to use as a bowl for nuts or other small delicacies. The coloured areas of the embossed glass bowl alternate with the smooth glass areas decorated with silver lines. Bright shiny silver edges give the bowl a luxurious look. The elegant blue colour is processed in several shades in a modern geometric design. The glass bowl is also suitable for arranging square candles. Practical home accessory designed for everyday use. The glass bowls are handmade and each piece is original and may therefore differ slightly from the photo.

Size: 15 x 15 x 2.5 cm

Dimensions bottom of the dish: 6 x 6 cm (for the appropriate selection of candles)

Colour blue
collection Coral