Glass rhombus pendant NIGHT OWL P0810

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Elegance, grace and a modern look give the pendant its shape. Its simple design, with its edges and width of sides, makes the pendant a gem. On the neck of the woman becomes exceptional. The smooth sides are pleasant to the touch and directly encourage you to hold the jewel in your hand. The center of the pendant is filled with clear glass, which is colored with a sea turquoise pigment created by oxidation of precious metals. Beautiful bubbles only enhance the beautiful look.

The NIGHT OWL pendant, with its universal but unique aspects, completes the character of its wearer and displays its properties in the best light. It is not conspicuous, but everyone notices a kind of intangible, inner beauty.

Black symbolizes strength, elegance and mystery. It represents the inner fire of man and on the other it gives a kind of impression that arouses respect. It is said that black gives a sense of perspective and depth, and that it is the color of prestige. You can be sure that this piece of jewelry will make you special. 

Glass pendants are made by hand and each piece is original.


3 x 3 cm

Suspension material

for choose:

- waxed cords with organza ribbon

- length 42 cm + 5 cm extension chain

- Skin (see above)

- length 46 cm + 5 cm extension chain

Just write the number in the order notes.

Colour black