Warranty Claim Code

1. This Warranty Claim Code was executed in accordance with the Act No. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, Act No. 513/1991 Coll., Commercial Code, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, subsequently amended, and applies to the consumer goods to which the Buyer´s rights from the defect liability are applied within a warranty period.
2. The warranty period of consumer goods is 24 months and shall be prolonged by a period for which the goods are in a warranty repair.
3. The consumer may lodge a legitimate claim in the following ways:
⦁ by mail at the address: WAGA s.r.o., Málkov 10, 267 01 Králův Dvůr
⦁ by email at the address: reklamace@waga.cz
⦁ personally at the address: WAGA s.r.o., Málkov 10, 267 01 Králův Dvůr
4. When lodging a claim, the consumer is obliged to submit:
⦁ purchase document (tax document, invoice, warranty card),
⦁ claimed goods with all its accessories,
⦁ detailed description of the defect.
5. The confirmation of acceptance of claimed goods shall be executed for the consumer in the business premises.
6. The right to apply the warranty expires in case of:
⦁ wear and tear of goods by their standard usage,
⦁ unprofessional manipulation and usage in conflict with the operation or user manual,
⦁ damage by natural disaster (e.g. water, fire, lightning, etc.),
⦁ damage by overloading,
⦁ damage of goods during transport (this claim shall be settled directly with the forwarder).
7. In case of an authorized claim, the goods shall be repaired free of charge. If it is an irremovable defect, the goods will be substituted by new ones. In case the goods are exchanged, a new warranty period shall begin.
8. The period for settlement of a claim, including the removal of a defect, is 30 calendar days without undue delay unless agreed otherwise by the Parties. This period shall begin on the day when the claim is received. If the period is not met, the consumer is entitled to the exchange of defective goods or to the withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement.

This Warranty Claim Code becomes effective on 26 May 2016. All rights to its amendment are reserved.


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